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Anyone who has been around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has probably heard about skins betting. The practice was extremely popular during the formative days of CSGO’s pro scene and helped the game reach the heights it enjoys today.

Skin gambling history

In 2010, Valve introduced the Mann-Conomy update to Team Fortress 2. The patch introduced many new cosmetics, weapons and features to the game. The biggest additions of all was the goods store that uses real-life currency and the ability to trade goods with friends.

The Mann-Conomy Update was a huge success and Valve received significant financial rewards as players bought new items and looted box keys. Later this functionality was also integrated into Dota 2. As time went on, Valve expanded it throughout all of Steam and made microtransactions a major feature in nearly all of its titles.

While other games have their own similar setups, the most popular of them all was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Players were able to change the appearance of their guns with colorful skins and use stickers featuring the logos of their favorite pro teams to further customize them.

The introduction of the Steam Marketplace, which allows players to sell goods to each other, has given these skins a defined market value. In addition, Valve began working with outside developers to create third-party tools for stat tracking and inventory management.

This eventually created a unique betting market that completely revolved around CSGO, betters betting CSGO goods on the results of professional CSGO games. Skin betting has become a staple of the Counter-Strike experience, and CSGO has greatly increased both the number of CSGO viewers and the value of skins.

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