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Esports betting is growing as fast as esports – if not faster. The informal betting system, once practiced primarily by friends and acquaintances, is rapidly evolving, where millions of players from almost every corner of the globe risk millions of dollars on an annual basis. We offer you the opportunity to explore esports betting and provide legitimate betting providers.

That rapid growth naturally creates a lot of uncertainty among people who want to bet on esports. Even if you know the game you’re playing, the world of betting on that game may be completely new to you. If you are more enthusiastic than a dedicated gamer, you may have questions on the game side and bet side.

Esports betting market size

Although esports betting is still relatively new, esports gambling has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. In terms of numbers, the betting industry is expected to be worth $2.89 billion by 2025. Keep in mind that the esports gambling industry still has limited fans compared to physical sports, which is definitely a big number. In fact, people outside of esports betting circles don’t know what esports gambling is.

How betting works?

Unlike physical sports gambling, esports betting allows players to bet on a team or individual players who are expected to participate in a particular tournament or competition. However, as there are many types of esports games, there are also many betting options. However, there are also betting opportunities for players unfamiliar with esports games. Currently, the simplest bet option is to bet on the overall match-winner.

Types of bets

Betting Outrights: As you can guess by the name, these are bets placed before a match or event begins. The most popular bet in this category is betting on the winner of a match or event, but there are also betting points that determine which players will move on to the next stage of the event. Finally, some bet on which teams will be eliminated before a specific stage begins.

Match Winner: It’s pretty obvious, gamblers bet when they want to select a particular match-winner. The odds may be fixed, which means they could be fixed a few days before the start of the competition and could be depending on how many bets have been placed on the participants. For example, if most bet teams are placed in one, the odds could be equal to one. More and more casinos offer real-time changing odds once the match has started.

Totals: Gamblers here bet on how many games the team or player can win during the game. In other words, this type of bet tracks a certain stat. Generally, people bet on the total number of maps played, total kill, total rounds or total points. Betting on totals has nothing to do with match or event outcome, it is about all the stats played in the game.

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